About Rosy Travel Co.

Hi! I’m Joanna and I’m here to help you make the most of your travels and work with you to create the best & most amazing memories – all while being able to relax, save time, keep your wellness in mind, and prevent burnout both during your trip and before your trip even begins.

I’m the Certified Travel Advisor, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, & Founder of Rosy Travel Co., LLC, and The Wellness Adventurer.

I fell in love with travel back in high school when I was able to spend my summer in Australia and New Zealand. I met some incredible people, encountered wild kangaroos and large monitor lizards and even saw the snow-capped mountains where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Between the wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and friendly culture, it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Ever since that first summer abroad, I’ve been dying to travel the world and experience new and exciting places. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Honduras, Ecuador, multiple places in the Mexico/Caribbean area, places all over the USA and Canada, and I continue to check off more places from my bucket list as often as I can.

That trip to Australia and New Zealand put me on my very first flight and my desire to see the world has continued to grow with every trip that’s followed!

The travel bug keeps me invested and gives me the wanderlust to continue to learn and travel as often as I can. And this wanderlust is here to help you make the very most of every single one of your trips.

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Joanna drinking out of a raw coconut off the beaches of Nassau

Why I became a travel advisor.

When it comes traveling, there is no “one size fits all”.

I come from the personal training and nutrition realm so I know all too well that every single person is different. Two people may have the exact same end goal, but their journey getting there is never going to be the same.

Just as no ‘body’ is the same, neither is any vacation or desired experience. 

Let’s say you know two couples that want to spend a week in Cancun. Do you think their vacations will look the same? 

Maybe one couple spends the entire time soaking up the sun, drinking by the pool, getting massages, and just spending the entire trip in relaxation mode. And that’s wonderful!

But if you talk to another couple wanting to go to Cancun, they may want to spend maybe one day at the beach drinking and relaxing, but they also want to venture out to a nearby ruin, go out on a catamaran snorkeling excursion, go diving at the underwater museum, experience food at a small local restaurant, and immerse themselves in the surrounding culture.

Just like the journey to good health for two individuals is going to vary greatly, so does the vacation experience look for two different couples.

This is why I love helping others with their travel.

Not only does it allow me to help couples plan out their next best vacation in a way that won’t overwhelm, over-stress, or over-drain them, it also allows me to be the creative person that takes all the travel pieces together and turns it into a masterpiece getaway.

This enables me to serve my clients in the best way possible based on their unique desires and create a new experience for each and every individual for each and every vacation.

“It isn’t how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable.
It’s how you spend that time.”

David Brenner

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