Why Travel Advisors Like Myself Help People Travel More

One question I’ve received from people who know about my passion for health and fitness is “why did you start your agency? Did you not enjoy being a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist?”

While I do still have a love-of-all-things-health-and-fitness, the more I thought about travel, the more I realized how it’s a great thing to do for your HEALTH! And then it just clicked and everything came together seamlessly.

So, I thought I’d write a couple reasons why I wanted to help people travel…. then a couple turned into a few, and a few turned into many.

But that’s just how passionate I am about it! Anyway, here’s my list for why I decided to help people travel more. I hope you find it enlightening!

Why I help people travel MORE (nutritionist & personal trainer perspective)

15 Reasons I decided to help people TRAVEL more:

  1. I truly believe self-care can often be more impactful than changing your diet when it comes to good health and vacationing is a form of self-love and self-care.
  2. It’s easy for people to understand they need a vacation (: (and a break from the crazy hustle and bustle of work)
  3. Self-care is amazing for the body and can help many common health issues (such as weight, PMS, cravings, headaches, etc.)
  4. Diet and exercise alone often won’t get you the results you want.
  5. My passion is to help women feel better – again, stress management and vacations (!) help with this tremendously.
  6. My aim is to reach more women and help them feel better in their own skin using the foundations of good health and with as little stress as possible.
  7. HIIT is my jam and is absolutely PERFECT for travel (:
  8. I love to travel so I’m easily excited (so it doesn’t stress me out) about helping others do the same.
  9. Dieting and restrictions (though sometimes necessary depending on your health issues) can cause added stress. Vacations free you from that stress as we tend not to judge ourselves as strictly on vacation. This is great for building a robust and healthy mindset.
  10. I can help people in their health and fitness journey WHILE they’re getting ready to have fun on vacation.
  11. My current nutrition and workout program is great for traveling so it’s been a perfect mix from the beginning (you can find these and more by heading to my resources page).
  12. Getting out in nature and being around different cultures is eye-opening and can change your outlook on life and mindset permanently.
  13. As long as you don’t overdo it – i.e. eating only junk food all day every day, drinking tons of alcohol, keeping yourself constantly busy – then a vacation is a powerful tool to have in your healthy lifestyle and mindset toolbox 🧰
  14. I want to travel more and being a travel agent allows me to do just that! If I did 1:1 nutrition counseling or 1:1 personal training, I’d have to have back to back appointments scheduled every day all day in order to make a decent living which would keep me trapped and wouldn’t be good for my sanity and personal health.
  15. It’s fun to help people get excited about their next trip!

To sum it up,

All that said, if you’re ready to start traveling more for the betterment of your life and health, go ahead and schedule a free consultation with me to see if we can work together to create YOUR perfect trip. 

Because that’s exactly why I’m here – I want to help people travel more (like you!) and increase your health with travel and make the absolute best memories in the meantime!

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