How to Workout on Vacation and Stay Active While Traveling

Maintaining your fitness and wellness goals while on vacation can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! As a Certified Personal Trainer and Travel Advisor, I’m here to show you that staying healthy and active is possible even when traveling.

With the right plan in place, you’ll find that there are plenty of travel-friendly workouts available no matter where your destination is.  From bodyweight exercises to local fitness clubs to running on the beach, there is truly something for everyone and any schedule.

So if you want to keep up with your fitness goals and workout on vacation without sacrificing fun or missing out on once in a lifetime sightseeing opportunities, this guide will help you do just that!

The Why, What, When, Where, and How to Workout on Vacation

Why should you continue to workout while on vacation?

Staying active while on vacation is a great way to make certain that you return home feeling energized and refreshed. Not only will it help keep your fitness goals in check while ensuring you don’t lose the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to maintain, but it can also improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and provide an opportunity to explore the local area.

Working out can also help lower any bloating, aid in digestion, increase your energy, allow you to feel better in your skin, and help you sleep well as the night passes in a new place.

Plus, taking time out of your busy day for some physical activity can be a fun way to bond with friends or family members traveling with you! 

What are some travel-friendly workouts?

When looking for a travel-friendly workout, the key is to choose something that will fit into your schedule and can be done in either limited space or with limited equipment. You truly don’t need anything special in order to get in a good workout while on vacation. Choose one, two, or three of the below workout types and have fun!


Bodyweight exercises are one of the best ways to stay active while on vacation as they require no special equipment and can be done anywhere. 

Squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, jumping jacks and burpees are all  excellent muscle-building bodyweight exercises that you can do without taking a lot of space.

You can perform your bodyweight exercises as a Tabata, HIIT, or Circuit-style training session or by simply counting your reps. You can find great examples of bodyweight workouts inside my free 5 Day Wellness Challenge!


Cardio can easily be done on vacation. 

Running, walking, hiking, and sports are all great ways to get in a good cardio workout while exploring the local area. 

If you’re lucky enough to be by the beach, why not take your running up a notch with some sand sprints or beach jogs?


Tabata workouts are another great way to stay active while on vacation. 

These are short, intense intervals of exercises that help you get your heart rate up in just four minutes!  All you need to do is choose four exercises, set an interval timer (physical or app) for 20s work and 10s rest, and go for a total of 4-12 minutes.

Tabatas can be done anywhere with little or no equipment making them the perfect travel-friendly workout option for those who may not have access to a gym or other fitness facilities. Plus, they’re fun and challenging – so you’ll never get bored doing the same routine over and over again.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great option for travelers looking to stay active while on vacation. 

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercises followed by periods of rest or low-intensity activity for a total of 15-20 minutes, making it a perfect way to get your heart rate up and burn calories in a short amount of time.

Try setting your interval timer for 30s of work and 30s of rest, or 45s of work and 15s of rest. If you don’t have an interval timer, there are tons in the app store that you can grab and use right away.

I utilize HIIT workouts inside my free 5 Day Wellness Challenge as well as my 6 week program so you can be sure to get your workouts completed and move on with your day feeling amazing!

Free 5-day sexy ‘n strong

Wellness Challenge

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Circuit training is similar to HIIT training where you go from one exercise, but typically includes more traditional exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups that can be done anywhere with little or no equipment. Plus they’re fun and challenging!

In a standard circuit workout, you’ll go through your chosen exercises and repetitions and complete them one after another with little to no rest in between.  Then, once you complete all of your exercises back-to-back in a row, you’ll take a break before repeating your circuit for 2-4 rounds in total.

Another type of circuit training is called EMOM where, using a basic stopwatch timer, you complete a specific number of repetitions for an exercise at the start of a minute and every minute thereafter you move on to the next exercise for 2-4 rounds in total.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to stay fit while traveling, why not give circuits a try?

Strength training

If you have access to a hotel gym or nearby fitness club, strength training is another great way to stay fit while on vacation. 

You can use machines, free weights, and bodyweight exercises for an effective full-body workout.  Simply count your reps – 10-20 reps per exercise for 2-4 rounds – and go through your exercises one at a time before moving on to the next exercise.

How do you workout on vacation with no gym access? I like to bring my Empack water bag backpack with me so I can easily add some resistance to my hotel room and outdoor workouts.

Online workout videos

YouTube is also an excellent resource for finding travel-friendly workouts while on vacation. With thousands of videos to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone, regardless of the type of workout they’re looking for. 

From high intensity interval training and yoga classes, to pilates and bodyweight exercises, you can easily find a range of different workouts to do. Additionally, there are also various online programs and apps that offer travel-friendly workouts tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

In-person classes

If you want to venture out or prefer the gym or company of others while you workout, check to see if your hotel offers group exercise classes, seek out a nearby boutique gym for in-person fitness or yoga classes, or book your stay at a wellness resort that specializes in exercise activities.

This will also help you meet some locals and participate in the community!


Yoga is another excellent way to stay active and healthy while on vacation. It can be done anywhere, requires no equipment, and helps increase flexibility and strength. Plus it’s a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day of sightseeing. 

There are numerous mental health benefits for yoga including improved focus, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, better sleep quality, and overall peace of mind. 

With so many benefits available from just one type of exercise, why not give yoga a try while you’re traveling?

Outdoor activities

Getting active outdoors while on vacation is a great way to explore the area and have fun while getting fit. 

Whether it’s hitting the trails for some hiking, cycling, or running, hitting the waves for surfing or paddleboarding, or swimming in the sea – outdoor activities offer an amazing way to stay fit while having fun and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Not only that, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with the local culture and get to know the area better.

Woman doing bodyweight squats in her room in front of a black couch with a yellow pillow.

When is a good time to workout when on vacation?

The best time to workout on vacation is whenever it works best for you!  I personally prefer to workout first thing in the morning so I can be sure it actually gets done.  

Sometimes, if you wait later in the day, things come up, plans change, and your energy will drain so it becomes less likely that you will workout.

That said, it really depends on your own schedule and preferences, but aim to incorporate exercise into your daily routine during vacations and set aside at least 20 minutes each day to maintain your fitness goals.

Where are places you can workout?

Staying active on vacation doesn’t have to be a challenge as there are plenty of places you can workout. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can easily squeeze in your workouts while on the go.

The best place to exercise is right around your hotel! Whether it’s taking advantage of nearby parks, running or doing HIIT along the beach, utilizing your own hotel room or hotel gym, or finding an outdoor space nearby, there are tons of options available right near their accommodation for those looking to stay fit while traveling.

How do you make a plan to follow?

Making a plan to stay active while on vacation can be an important part of having a successful, enjoyable trip. With the right plan in place, you can stay fit and healthy without sacrificing all your time away from home. 

To make sure that happens, here are some tips for creating a workout plan for your next vacation.

1. Set realistic goals

When planning your workouts, don’t set unrealistic or unattainable goals. Consider how much time you have and what type of activities are available to you in the area.

2. Establish a routine

Whether it’s going for a run every morning or taking a yoga class each evening, having a routine will help you stay on track with your workouts and make it easier to stick to your goals.

3. Don’t forget about rest

Be sure to factor in proper rest days during your vacation exercise plan. This is important for allowing your body to recover and reduce the risk of injury or burnout.

4. Have a backup plan

If you find yourself unable to complete your planned workout due to inclement weather, a last-minute change in plans, or other unexpected circumstances, have a few alternative exercises and activities on standby that you can do instead.

Example workouts

Below are some example workouts that can easily be done while on vacation.  You can also find more workouts and resources inside my free 5 Day Wellness Challenge.

Free 5-day sexy ‘n strong

Wellness Challenge

Reclaim your strong, sexy, & confident self in 30 minutes a day with bodyweight-only workouts & simple lifestyle changes.

Be sure to warm up with 5-10 minutes of active stretching and light cardio as well as cool down with 5-10 minutes of passive stretching and foam rolling or trigger point massage.

Full Body HIIT:

  • High knees
  • Squat hold
  • Burpees
  • Ab leg raises
  • High knees
  • Plank shoulder taps

Set your interval timer. 30s work / 30s rest X 2 rounds = 12 min

Full Body Tabata:

  • In-out squat jumps
  • Side plank, R
  • Long jump > high jump
  • Side plank, L

Set your interval timer. 20s work / 10s rest X 2 rounds = 4 min

Full Body Circuit:

  • High knees (x 30-60s)
  • Squat (x 10-12 reps)
  • Mountain climbers (x 10-12 reps)
  • Push ups (x 10-12 reps)
  • Squat jumps (x 10-12 reps)
  • Inchworms (x 10-12 reps)

Complete each exercise in order with little rest in between. Once through all exercises, rest for 1-2 min. Repeat for 2-4 rounds.

What happens if you don’t exercise?

When we don’t take the time to exercise on vacation, our bodies can suffer from decreased stamina and strength, muscle pain, impaired coordination, reduced flexibility, elevated stress levels, poor sleep, and low energy. 

Not to mention, if you don’t make time for physical activity during your trip you may come home feeling sluggish and lethargic after your break away from the everyday routine.  This may cause you to lose those wonderful healthy habits you had in place before your trip and force you to spend extra time and energy reestablishing them once you return.

That said, if you feel the need, taking a break from your workouts can also be really GOOD for your body and stress levels! So don’t feel like you absolutely have to workout on your vacation. 

Just be sure to do something active and keep moving so you don’t lose the fitness habits you’ve worked so hard to maintain. And return home with the same, if not more, motivation you had prior to your trip.

Do I need equipment?

No! You can stay active while on vacation without any special equipment. As detailed above, there are plenty of types of exercise that do not require equipment whatsoever.  Bodyweight exercises and cardio are simple examples of ways to keep fit that can also be done anywhere, anytime. 

However, if you prefer to add in some resistance or variety to your training, there are certainly a few options for travel-friendly workout equipment you can choose to bring.  Some of my favorites include:

  1. Empack (water bag backpack)
  2. Loop resistance bands
  3. Tube resistance bands
  4. Suspension trainer
  5. Jump rope

Don’t forget to also toss in a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or percussion massager for relieving some trigger points so you can workout safely and more effectively!

Woman performing a pistol squat while working out with suspension trainer outside in a forest.

Conclusion: why everyone should workout on vacation

Vacation is the perfect opportunity to make time for yourself and your health. With these workout on vacation tips and tricks along with a bit of planning, you can stay active while on vacation without having to bring any special equipment or sacrificing all your free time away from home.

Whether it’s taking advantage of local parks, running along the beach, utilizing hotel facilities, or finding an outdoor space – there are plenty of ways to get in some exercise during your trip.

Remember, it’s important to be realistic when planning your vacation workouts, take time for rest days, and have a backup plan in case of unexpected circumstances.

Working out on vacation doesn’t need to be an intense or time consuming endeavor – even small amounts of physical activity can make a big difference. Just be sure to keep your body moving and enjoy your well-deserved break!


Can you workout on vacation?

Yes, you can workout on vacation with a bit of planning. There are many travel-friendly workouts that do not require special equipment and there are plenty of ways to get in some exercise during your trip. Just be sure to keep your body moving and enjoy your break.

Is it ok not to workout on vacation?

Yes, it’s okay not to workout on vacation. Sometimes, taking a break from your workouts can be really good for your body and stress levels. So don’t feel like you have to stick to an intense exercise routine while on vacation. Simply try to do something active each day so you don’t lose the fitness habits you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

How to workout on vacation?

Knowing how to workout on vacation can be simple. Plan ahead by preparing your workout routines in advance, researching local gyms and classes near your destination, choosing a routine that suits your schedule, adding fun activities throughout the day, and maintaining realistic expectations. You don’t need an intense exercise routine – small amounts of physical activity make a difference!

Do you workout on vacation?

Yes, I workout on vacation! There are lots of types of travel-friendly workouts that can be done while away from home. No equipment is necessary and exercises such as running, swimming, biking, hiking and bodyweight workouts can all be easily done on vacation. Not taking the time to stay active while away will make it much harder to maintain good health when you return home.

Where to workout on vacation?

Many places offer the opportunity to workout while on vacation, such as beaches, parks, local gyms or even your hotel room. Some of the most popular activities include running, swimming, and hiking. You may also find equipment in your hotel gym or can purchase travel-ready exercise equipment that is easy to transport. With a little planning and some creativity, you can easily fit in a good workout wherever you go!

How to stay fit on vacation?

Staying fit on vacation doesn’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of simple, travel-friendly workouts such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, and bodyweight exercises that can be done wherever you are. With dedication and planning, you can maintain your physique and fitness level even while away from home!

How to stay in shape on vacation?

Staying in shape on vacation is possible with some planning ahead. Exercise-friendly activities like going for a jog, walking tours and hikes can be great options.  If you’re near a beach or pool, swimming can also be an effective workout. Investing in lightweight exercise gear or resistance bands can be helpful to stay on track with your goals. Making sure to stick to healthy meals and snacks will also help you maintain your fitness level while away.

How to workout on vacation without a gym?

You can stay fit while on vacation without a gym by doing bodyweight exercises, engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, or packing travel-friendly workout equipment such as resistance bands or an Empack. Be creative with your environment – use picnic benches for step-ups and incline push ups, trees for pull-ups, beaches for lunges, or any other free spaces you may find.

Workout to do on vacation?

There are many travel-friendly workouts that can be done on vacation such as jogging or hiking outdoors, using the hotel or local gym, walking around a city, utilizing resistance bands and suspension trainer exercises, or sticking to bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, and push-ups.

Should you exercise on vacation?

Yes, it’s important to continue exercising while you are on vacation. Working out helps you stay healthy and energetic, which will enable you to make the most of your time away from home. Furthermore, physical activity can be a great way to explore the areas surrounding your destination and even meet new people!

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