Planning your next big trip? Here are some of the top destinations I design travel for. If you’re ready and looking for someone to help you design your perfect vacation, head to Design My Trip and let’s chat about making your travel dreams a reality!


Staring out onto glaciers and snow-capped mountains from your cruise balcony, walking through quiet mostly-untouched wilderness are just a couple of enchanting experiences you have when traveling to Alaska.


Wild kangaroos, large lizards, magnificent cities, aboriginal history, cliffs, beaches, beauty in all shapes and sizes can be found in Australia.


If you’re ready to truly experience “island life” with the convenience of staying in the US, Hawaii has everything you need – from lively greenery to sunshine to fresh fruit to refreshing natural waters and everything in between.

Mexican Caribbean

The Mexico Caribbean has beauty at every turn – from Cancun to Tulum, from Isla Mujeres to Cozumel and everywhere along the way.

New Zealand

Cliffs overlooking the ocean, mountain range from the LOTR, waterfalls, stunning lakes, both relaxing and adrenaline-inducing activities can be found here.

South Pacific Islands

Tahiti and Fiji are just two of the incredibly stubbing islands of the South Pacific. Come here to rejuvenate, relax, explore, and soak up the sun.

United States

Whether you want to visit a large or small city or one of the many National Parks, the United States has plenty of options for those closer-to-home trips.

Ocean & River Cruising

Whether you’re looking to cruise your way to the islands of the Caribbean, the glaciers of Alaska, the countries along the Mediterranean, or somewhere in between, there’s always a perfect ship ready to take you on your next adventure.

Wellness Travel

Vacations alone can do wonders for your health and self-care – especially when paired with some time in nature a spa day or two. But if you’re looking to up the ante and go on a full-fledged wellness retreat, I’m here to make that happen.