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  • 01 — Travel Designed for You
    Everyone is unique and what the perfect vacation is for one person may be totally wrong for another. Your trip will be personalized specifically for you — you won’t find any cookie-cutter trip designs here…!
  • 02 — Stress-Free Travel Planning
    Tell me what you’re looking for in detail and avoid spending hours on end researching all the options just to be left with decision fatigue and overwhelm having no idea what to do! You never have to stress about your trip or fear you’ll miss a step in the process.
  • 03 — Trips That Rejuvenate
    You don’t take a vacation just to come back tired, sluggish, and needing a break…! I make sure you are well-informed and well-organized on your trip so you never have to worry about spreading yourself out too thin, feeling like hot garbage when you should be having fun, or having to take a vacation after your vacation.
  • 04 — Industry Expertise & Knowledge
    My relationships with various suppliers & networking groups helps you know you’re in great hands no matter where you go! From destination to air to cruise to hotel to excursion — you’ll only meet the best of the best to help make your trip even better than imagined.
  • 05 — Exclusive Perks
    Exclusive discounts, travel goodies, and a collaborative partnership are just a few perks you receive when using me as your travel advisor.
Grab my FREE

Top 15 Healthy Travel Tips

to Avoid Feeling Like A Hot Mess…and feel (even more!) amazing on your next trip!

Oh hi there! I’m Joanna!

I fell in love with travel back in high school when I was able to spend my summer in Australia and New Zealand – between the wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and friendly culture, it was an experience I’ll cherish forever.

Since my second passion is health and fitness, not only do I strive to provide my clients with unforgettable, lifelong memories – I also aim to help them truly refresh and recharge, and remove the stress and overwhelm that often comes with planning a trip.

The travel bug keeps me invested and gives me the wanderlust to continue to learn and travel as often as I can.

And now I’m here to help you make the most of your travels and work with you to create the best & most amazing memories – all while being able to relax, save time, and prevent burnout before the trip even begins.

<3 Joanna, Certified Travel Advisor & Founder of Rosy Travel Co., LLC

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