17 Fun Facts About Me

Want to get to know me better and learn my secrets? Then keep on reading. 😀

Here are 17 things you didn’t know about me

  1. I sing pretty constantly when my husband isn’t around.
  2. I hate to admit it, but…I’m a sucker for musicals – Glee, Moulin Rouge, Rent, Wicked, Pitch Perfect, Sweeney Todd, Grease, Mamma Mia! – and wish I could be as graceful as they are singing and dancing their hearts out…
  3. I have a box FULL of fixer-upper clothes with the intention of completing these projects someday in the future (5 years and counting…).
  4. My friends and family think I’m crafty. The reality? I get many of my creative ideas from other crafty bloggers and/or Pinterest posts.
  5. I very rarely paint my fingernails, but absolutely hate showing my toenails unpainted.
  6. Only on rare occasions will I put on a dress (special date night, wedding, etc.) though wearing one almost always makes me feel sexy (:
  7. I only ever wear my hair up when I’m exercising, hiking, or by the water (unless, of course, I have a terrible hair day with no time to fix it…but thankfully, this rarely happens).
  8. I sold my motorcycle so I could get my NASM personal trainer certification. And it was 100% worth it.
  9. I have gone whitewater rafting in Ecuador. It was great until it wasn’t! The entire group had to get out of the rafts early due to dangerously high & fast water levels. Many of our rafts flipped over. I ended up being pulled under the rushing water, but thankfully was able to grab on to nearby rocks and branches and make it to shore with minimal scrapes and bruises. Several of my peers were stuck on the other side of the rushing river while we waited for help to get them safely across.
  10. I grew up in the country with two older brothers.
  11. The thought of roller coasters, skydiving, paragliding, rock climbing, high ropes, and the like excite me!
  12. My favorite sport to play is ultimate frisbee and am highly considering joining my local Roller Derby team.
  13. My graduating high school class had a total of 9 people in it; my college graduating class had less than 2,500.
  14. I enjoy trips to the mountains much more than I do trips to the beach.
  15. I have never dyed my hair – I am a natural, super-pale redhead with swarms of freckles.
  16. I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible (unless it’s urgent) and instead look to natural remedies for healing including vitamins, homeopathics, and essential oils.
  17. I love what I do and do what I love!

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That’s me rock climbing in the fitness center at USC (the USC in South Carolina)!